19 czerwca 2020

Energy storage will be a crucial element required to decarbonize our energy supply. Will we manage to develop this promising branch of economy in Poland? What technologies are already available and which are still under development? How much do they cost? The opportunities that lie ahead of us in the area of energy storage are described in WWF Poland's latest report: "Available and future methods of energy storage"

The need for transformation

Climate change and the drastic loss of biodiversity are some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. To protect us and future generations from the catastrophic effects of these processes and to stop the degradation of the natural environment, it is crucial to achieve global climate neutrality by mid-century at the latest. This is why it is necessary, among other things, to change the way we produce energy. We must stop burning fossil fuels . We must also stop the process of cutting down forests and planting energy-crops for biomass. Hydropower, with its damming of precious ecosystems also forms a threat to our nature and future.   Balancing the power system which is increasingly dominated by variable wind and photovoltaics will become a question of critical importance.  Energy storage may become one of the key technologies here.

Ways of storage

The possibility of producing electricity from renewable energy sources, and thus reconciling peaks in electricity generation with peaks in demand, should be based on energy storage. Many answers to questions about the operation of an energy network that features a high share of "unstable" RES sources are provided in a report prepared for WWF Poland by experts from the Warsaw University of Technology. The latest report: "Available and future methods of energy storage", takes a look at current and recently developed technologies that can help Poland and the rest of the world in building a carbon-neutral energy mix. Efficient, safe for humans as well as climate- and biodiversity-friendly. The report presents over a dozen energy storage technologies in detail, focusing on how it works, the actual and potential usage, scale of development and costs (including cost curves).

Energy storage in a nutshell

An abridged version of the report, containing only essential information and knowledge, has also been created. The short version is not only an up-to-date summary of technological development but also an important element in the discussion on  the tools needed to decarbonize the economy. The report clearly displays main roles to be played by energy storage and its most important technologies in the process as well as indicates most promising technologies in each area.

Full and abridged reports in Polish and English can be seen here:

Full report in Polish



Full report in English



Short report in Polish



Short report in English